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Hey, flower child! I'm Sarah. :)

With a multitude of support, a huge leap, and much trial and error, I am the proud owner of Gaia! What started off as Magic City Flower Market in 2019, has led me here. You can read more about this journey and transition over on the blog (linked here).

Who is Gaia?

In Greek mythology, Gaia is known as the mother of all life—"Mother Earth" or "Mother Nature" as some of you may know her. She is the giver of life to all living things and the soul of Earth's existence.

Why Gaia?

Gaia is so significant. There are so many elements that resonate so deeply with the meaning of our brand.

Firstly, my passion really lies in the natural process of the world. Every single stage—from seed to flower and to seed again—is the main source of my inspiration. And even more beautiful is stepping back and seeing that all life is part of one amazing cycle. Nature is a powerful force and that force can be believed to be the energy of Gaia.

Gaia is more than just the energy of nature—she is all living and non-living components. She symbolizes that all of life functions together as a system. Just like nature, human life cycles in and out. We go through the many stages of life just as a seed grows to a flower. We experience seasons of life just as nature experiences seasons of change.

We are all part of her energy. We are all uniquely different but so entwined together with our Earth. We are all living components of this great, vast world.

Our love of one another—no matter race, religion, etc—and ourselves is the only way that we can keep her energy alive. Because, we must love ourselves to be able to fully appreciate life.

To read more on our namesake visit our blog (link here).

About Gaia Florals

We are a retail flower shop that is heavily focused on supporting our local flower farmers (link to farmer's page here?). If it can be purchased locally, it is local. In addition to largely supporting our Birmingham-area flower farmers, we also love bringing in other novelties that can't be found locally. Basically, we just love having badass flowers to share with you. :)

We have daily floral offerings, bouquets and arrangements, that are uniquely designed with a modern and loose aesthetic! In addition to the traditional offerings, we have a retail stem bar on Fridays for build-your-own bouquets.

At Gaia Florals, we pride ourselves on being Birmingham's modern boutique flower shop. We have an array of flowers and foliage that varies week to week and season to season, which keeps our designs fluid and interesting. We have many flowers that are not found anywhere else in our city. All varieties are available by the stem which is so exciting for those that may not have a large budget or need for full bunches.

Our goal is to provide you access to the highest quality, greatest variety, and novelty florals and foliage around! Our designs are always one of a kind—we never follow flower recipes as we work seasonally with available product. Every arrangement or bouquet is designed in our shop with TLC. We love building relationships with our customers and always strive to provide the best and most personal shopping experience, both online and in our retail location.

We also work with our local floral designers and offer wholesale pricing for those clients. If you are a local designer and would like more information on wholesale pricing, you can email us at hello@gaiaflorals.com.


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