valentine's arrangements


Crush this Valentine's Day with bad ass flowers from Gaia.

Color palette will be left up to us this year as things are wild and sourcing is harder than ever. But no matter what each arrangement will be ultra stylish, modern, and made with so much love.  We are not doing a "red rose" Valentine's- that shouldn't surprise you :) We will use Toffee roses, dyed Japanese sweet peas, tulips, hellebores, etc etc etc- all of the beautiful spring things.  Everything will be flower heavy so flowers > greenery! All palettes will be romantic with pops of color here and there.  Vases will vary upon availability but coordinate with flowers.

Featured are previous works of ours that display style- vases and flowers will vary from photos. Both featured are the "classic" size.

Delivery is available to Birmingham, Homewood, and Mountain Brook.

Please help us plan by pre-ordering- this will help us make sure we can serve as many customers as possible.  Pre-orders will close on Sunday, 02/07.