yoga + sound bath (saturday, 04/01)


join us for yoga (with mystie) + sound healing (with jade) on saturday, 04/01, at 10:30am. 

45 mins of yin yoga with mystie of

 - with its emphasis on long-held, passive stresses of the deeper connective tissues, yin yoga mobilizes and strengthens out joints, ligaments, and deep fascial networks.  It is a practice that offers us a way to leave behind our ideas of how we think we should be, and return to our true selves, where all lasting healing takes place.


45 mins of sound healing with jade of

- let jade take you on a journey through vibrational sound healing with crystal bowls.  i will take you into a deep meditative state where you will be "bathed" in sound waves.  crystal sound healing is an ancient practice in which i produce different sound frequencies with quartz crystal singing bowls to restore balance and harmony with the body, mind, and soul.