flower care


How to care for your cut flowers:

Although their life isn't forever long, there are things you can do to help keep them looking good!

Cut flowers want a cool location that is not in direct sunlight. They will not be happy with a fan or air vent blowing on them. As certain flowers start to fade, just snip or pinch those specific ones and continue enjoying the rest! People love to kind of disassemble and rebuild arrangements as some varieties hold longer than others—we totally recommend doing this!

Many things dry very nicely so once the majority of your flowers are fading, take them out of the water, hang them upside down in a cool, dark spot and let them dry! Enjoy your flowers in every stage :)

If you purchased/received a wrapped bouquet:

Prep a clean vase with cold water. Give each stem a fresh snip on the bottom and place them in the vase quickly! It is best to give them a fresh snip and fresh, cold water every other day.

If you purchased/received an arrangement in a vase:

Refill with fresh, cold water every other day.


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